About Us

Being a property manager involves managing a ton of moving parts all at once. This is why there is so much software out there already designed to help organize and streamline almost every aspect of a property management business. HOWEVER, after years of experience working with property managers and their new tenants, the co-founders of GetSettledIn.com, Ben and Jeremy, discovered that there are very few tools to help property managers and tenants navigate the time after a lease is signed and before the tenants actually move into the property. Furthermore, essentially none of these tools do this sufficiently.

Tenants need to transfer utilities into their name, secure a renter’s insurance policy, and make tons of purchasing decisions for their new home in a very short period of time. Not getting these things done in a timely manner ends up costing both the property manager and tenant unnecessary time, money, and hassle, which is why Ben and Jeremy created GetSettledIn.com.

Our task management and scheduling tool helps property managers make sure that tenants get their utilities transferred and get their renter’s insurance secured even before tenants make an appointment to get their keys. We also provide a complimentary concierge service to help tenants set up utilities, internet, insurance, and more!

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